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Facts About Nurse Practitioners

Posted over 7 years ago by Lisa Patton

  • There are over 148,000 nurse practitioners (NPs) practicing in U.S. 
  • An estimated 9500 new NPs completed their academic programs in 2010-2011 
  • 93% of NPs have graduate degrees 
  • 97% of NPs maintain national certification 
  • 18% of NPs practice in rural or frontier settings 
  • 88% of NPs are prepared in primary care; 68% of NPs practice in at least one primary care site 
  • 87% of NPs see patients covered by Medicare and 84% by Medicaid 
  • 43% of NPs hold hospital privileges; 15% have long term care privileges 
  • 96.5% of NPs prescribe medications, averaging 20 prescriptions/day 
  • NPs hold prescriptive privilege in all 50 states, with controlled substances in 48 
  • The early-2011 mean full-time NP base salary was $91,310, with average full-time NP total income $98,760 
  • 60% of NPs see three to four patients per hour; 7% see over five patients per hour
  • Malpractice rates remain low; only 2% have been named as primary defendant in a malpractice case 
  • Average NP is female (96%) and 48 years old; she has been in practice for 12.8 
  • years as a family NP (49%) 


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