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TNP Legislative Update

TNP Legislative Update #8 - Game OnSunday, April 17, 2011 6:39 PM


The House Public Health Committee has posted the schedule for Wednesday, April 20 at 8:00 am and you will never guess what bills have been posted on the agenda.  That's right, all of our APRN bills are scheduled for a hearing that day and it is time to get to work.  HB 708 by Hancock, HB 915 by Christian, and HB 1266 by Coleman are posted along with 20 other bills.
The committee also posted that each witness will be allowed a maximum of 3 minutes to testify. 
If ever you planned to make a visit to the capitol to work for a better regulatory structure for your chosen profession, this Wednesday is the time to do it.  If you can't make the hearing, please call and email each member of the committee and ask that they support APRNS by voting to approve one of the three bills above.  Have your friends and family members call each of these members and if you know anyone that lives in their districts, ask that they too call that member to seek support.  I have listed the members below along with their email address and phone numbers.  If you happen to live in the district of one of these members, please make every effort to come to town Wednesday to be present at the hearing.  This will help encourage your representative to vote in favor of APRNS and could potentially help tame those members that oppose our measures.  To determine who represents you, please go to the following site http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us <http://www.fyi.legis.state.tx.us/> /  plug in your address, and it will give you the name of your representative.

I can promise you the doctors will be at this hearing.  We need to show up in full force so please make every effort to be in Austin this upcoming Wednesday. This is your opportunity to get the doctors out of the business of regulating nurses.  Let's not let this opportunity go to waste.

House Public Health
Lois.kolkhorst@house.state.tx.us    (512) 463-0600

Elliott.naishtat@house.state.tx.us  (512) 463-0668

Carol.Alvarado@house.state.tx.us  (512) 463-0732

Sarah.Davis@house.state.tx.us  (512) 463-0389

Veronica.Gonzales@house.state.tx.us  (512) 463-0578

Susan.King@house.state.tx.us  (512) 463-0718

Jodie.Laubenberg@house.state.tx.us  (512) 463-0186

Charles.Schwertner@house.state.tx.us  (512) 463-0309

Vicki.Truitt@house.state.tx.us  (512) 463-0690

John.Zweras@house.state.tx.us  (512) 463-0657

We have had a number of our members come to town this legislative session and they have been particularly helpful in building support for our bills.  In fact, Alison Mitchell, immediate past president of TNP has been coming to Austin once every 2 or 3 weeks and was able to secure one of our bill authors, Senator Rodney Ellis.  Senator Ellis has been extremely helpful and mainly because Alison consistently made visits and shared valuable studies and data that helped make her case.  She has built a strong relationship with that office and one that will pay dividends for years to come.  Its not hard to do and Alison would be the first to tell you that if she can do it, anyone can.  All you need is the will and we will help you with the way.  Please join us in making visits and helping us educate your members.  The doctors are out in full force and it is good for you to hear what they are saying so you can clean up the mess.

I continue receiving the patient support forms and various letters from patients, physicians, and folks that simply recognize the value in APRNs.  Thank everyone that has worked on gathering those support documents. They are making a difference and helping build support so keep em coming.

I will send out a notice as soon as I can following our hearing on Wednesday.  Once again, if there is any way you can make it to Austin, please get here and support the witnesses and to show the Public Health Committee members that we are organized and motivated want them to vote to support APRNs and the patients you all serve. 

See you at the capitol!

David H. Williams
Public Affairs Director david@texasnp.org