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North Harris Montgomery Advanced Practice Nurse Society

Call for nominations for President-Elect, Secretary, and Education Coordinator

Posted about 1 year ago by Miranda Kelly

We are currently accepting nominations for the 3 board positions listed. Elections will be held at the September meeting. If you are interested in any of the board positions please send us an email through the "contact us" button on our webpage or let Tina Cates or Michelle Belmonte know. Below is a short description of the board positions.

The President Elect shall:

  1.  Assist the President to manage NHMAPNS business.
  2.  Carry on the duties of the president in the latter’s absence.
  3.  Assume the duties of the President, when necessary, to fill an unexpired term.
  4.  Coordinate publicity, under the President’s direction and/or delegate a person

     to handle social media management.

     5. Assume the duties of the Nominating Committee Chair.

     6. Work to review and revise NHMAPNS Bylaws every four years.

     7.  The President Elect position is a two year term, after which, the President Elect

     assumes the role of President.



  1.  Keep the minutes of all proceedings of NHMAPNS.
  2.  Maintain the records of NHMAPNS.
  3.  Correspond and manage public relations under the direction of the President.
  4.  Assume responsibility for the election, tabulation and presentation of elected

     officers of NHMAPNS.

    5.  Work to review and revise the NHMAPNS every four years.

    6.  This position of Secretary shall be a two year term of office.


The Educational Program Coordinator / Committee:

  1.  Arrange for educational programs and sponsors for the NHMAPNS meetings.
  2.  Pursue CEUs when appropriate for NHMAPNS offerings.
  3.  Send Thank You notes after the meeting.
  4.  Maintain records of drug company representatives and other potential